Our services are aimed at empowering our members to become self reliant and also to empower others in their communities. Our hope is that opportunities will be created to bring hope to our members and the community at large.

Entrepreneurial Education and Training

This is our core area of competence. Entrepreneurship is a key driver of every economy. Wealth and a high majority of jobs are created by small businesses built by entrepreneurs, many of whom go on to create big businesses. People exposed to entrepreneurship frequently express that they have more opportunity to exercise creative freedoms, higher self esteem, and an overall greater sense of control over their own lives. As a result, many experienced business people, political leaders, economists, and educators believe that fostering a robust entrepreneurial culture will maximize individual and collective economic and social success on a local, national, and global scale. It is with this in mind that the I-SMILE Business Institute was developed to prepare our members to succeed in an entrepreneurial economy. The training is on-line and all members are encouraged to take part as it will open their eyes to more opportunities.

Skill Acquisition

Skill acquisition is the ability to be trained on a particular task or function and become expert in it. Skills open doors to greatness. A skilled man speaks with confidence while unskilled is filled with fear. The young, old, beautiful, handsome and the ugly need skills for better performance. This is an important tool for achieving success in life. Skill Acquisition will help for self employment, creation of diverse job opportunities, generation of employment, enhances productivity and helps in reducing crime. We encourage our member to be part of these skill acquisition programs. It cuts across difference fields of life. It will definitely change your life and open up more opportunities for you.

Financial Empowerment

We believe that every human should have free access to better livelihood; we believe it is a right and not a privilege.  Therefore as volunteer member of I-SMILE FOUNDATION, we will financially support your business, help you to acquire assets, fund your education pursuit, help you acquire machinery for your business, etc. We empower you to achieve your dream future.

Scholarship and Infrastructural development in Education sector

We offer scholarship to under privileged children and youths that are nominated by our volunteer members. We believe that everyone should be given equal opportunity in life to maximize their potential and one of those opportunities is access to education. Education helps us with many things, but most importantly, it empowers an individual to think, question, and see beyond the obvious. Education broadens our horizon and gives us a better understanding of the world around us and how things work.

Educated people are better positioned to contribute positively to society, and even towards the environment, as they understand the implications of their choices and actions. Need we say more, for us to give our children a better tomorrow; we must give them quality education today.

We also support infrastructural development in education sector in rural communities nominated by our volunteer members. We believe that our children especially those in rural communities should enjoy quality education infrastructure with those in the urban cities. We construct class room blocks, donate books, chairs and desks, computers and provide access to Internet facilities to our schools in the rural communities.

Business Consultancy Services

These are given to our members who are in one business or the other or those that want to start their business. If you have an idea, we have the know how to turn it to a business venture. We give life to your ideas. These services are offered free of charge and offered to members on demand. Our aim is to mentor our members to become successful entrepreneurs, thereby increasing the economic base of their respective communities and the nation at large.